Video Download Capture, the comprehensive tool with advanced technologies for online streaming media, offers a cost-effective choice to free download online videos from new generation Web 2.0 social communities, such as YouTube, Google Video, Dailymotion, Megavideo, Vevo.

This powerful and productive download manager can quickly record and save video clips, movies, TV shows and music videos online, effortlessly edit and convert any videos to MP4, FLV, 3GP, AVI and more formats.

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Upload your video file and choose the format you want to convert it into (mp3, mp4, avi, mpg, 3gp, flv).

Choose the media file (MAX=40M: Allowed formats are: .flv, .mp4, .3gp, .avi

Choose the format to convert into:



      • Is this service free?

    Yeah, it’s totally free. The only limitation is the file size of 40MB maximum. This is 4 times more than the average YouTube video is.

      • What is this service for?

    This service allows you to convert FLV (YouTube), AVI (Windows Video), 3GP (cell phones video), MP4 (Mac + Windows) files to any of the following formats:

    • MP3 (digital audio files), MP4, FLV, 3GP, MPG(MPEG) and AVI. So the possible convertions are:

FLV to MP3 (e.g. to get a ringtone)
FLV to MP4 (to watch YouTube videos on your PC while being offline)
FLV to AVI (to the most popular video format)
FLV to MPG [MPEG] (Flash video to MPEG /downloadable movies/)
FLV to 3GP (to watch YouTube videos on your cell phone /beta 2.0/)
MP4 to 3GP (PC/Mac video to mobile video)
MP4 to MP3 (to get a ringtone)
MP4 to FLV (to upload your video on some website)
MP4 to AVI (some old video players can play only AVI files)
3GP to MP3 (mobile video -> ringtone)
3GP to MP4 (mobile video -> MAC/PC video)
3GP to FLV (mobile video -> Flash)
3GP to AVI (mobile video -> PC video)
3GP to MPG [MPEG] (mobile video -> downloadable video)
AVI to MP3 (to get a ringtone)
AVI to MP4 (PC video -> MAC video)
AVI to FLV (PC video -> Flash)
AVI to 3GP (PC video -> mobile video)

About the service:

    • Grab Tube’s Converter is a free online application to convert anything to anything.


    • People use to ask me why should they use this service, but not others.. Well, just because this is the best one in the internet.. We are faster, we are more stable, we are more user-friendly and we enjoy making other’s life easier..