Video Download Capture, the comprehensive tool with advanced technologies for online streaming media, offers a cost-effective choice to free download online videos from new generation Web 2.0 social communities, such as YouTube, Google Video, Dailymotion, Megavideo, Vevo.

This powerful and productive download manager can quickly record and save video clips, movies, TV shows and music videos online, effortlessly edit and convert any videos to MP4, FLV, 3GP, AVI and more formats.

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Increase MP3 volume in 2 clicks! Normalize MP3 online!

Choose the mp3 file (MAX=40M):

Choose the mode:

Automatic normalization:

Manual: loud: loud: loud:


  • Is this service free?
    Yeah, it’s totally free. The only limitation is the file size of 40MB maximum.
  • Will it make my song worse?
    No! Only the best developers worked to create this technology. Our software modifies the headers of MP3 to make it sound louder, but doesn’t change the file itself. Don’t worry, it will preserve the music.
  • What is this service for?
    Our team has been working for months to create this unique tool! From now you can increase volume of any mp3 file in 2 clicks. You upload – we normalize!

About the service:

    • MP3 Normalizer is a free online service that uses unique hi-end technology to make your MP3 songs sound louder. Doesn’t matter what mode you’ll choose (automatic or manual), you’ll get the best result possible.


    • We enjoy making other’s life easier!